2010 Taipei Film Festival

The 12th Taipei Film Festival (台北電影節) opens on Friday 25 June and runs until 15 July. The venues for the screenings are Zhongshan Hall (中山堂) and the Shinkong Cineplex (新光影城) in the Ximending area and Governor Cinemas (總督影城) in Chang’an East Road. This year’s city in focus is Rio de Janeiro. There is also a section for 3D films reflecting a recent trend in cinema.

The Taipei Awards section contains a good line up of films, documentaries, shorts and animations by Taiwanese directors. Most of the feature films have already been released so it is a good chance to catch them in the cinema if you missed them first time around. These include Tears (眼淚), Au Revoir Taipei (一頁台北), Tsai Ming-liang’s Face (臉), Hear Me (聽說), Monga (艋舺), Pinoy Sunday (台北星期天) and Taipei Exchanges (第36個故事). Forthcoming films in the Taipei Awards are Seven Days in Heaven (父後七日), The Fourth Portrait (第四張畫) and Everlasting Moments (靈魂的旅程). Everlasting Moments is directed by Chen Wen-bin (陳文彬). It is a follow up to his short film about Atayal culture, Msgamil: Once Upon a Time (走過千年). In this film an ancient Atayal warrior goes to the city.

There are also free screenings at the Taipei Cinema Park (台北市電影公園). These begin with Taipei Live! from 25 June culminating in the awards on 1 July. On the 2-4 July there is Family Taipei. The Taipei Film Festival in cooperation with the Goethe Institute is presenting a series of films on green issues  from 9-11 July. All the events at the Taipei Cinema Park begin at 7:00 pm.

Most films in the festival have both English and Chinese subtitles, but check the website to be sure. Tickets are available at the venues throughout the festival.