最近我搜集幾篇中文文章開個中文blog。其實我不太會寫中文,只有兩篇我自己寫的文章,其他的文章是別人翻譯的或別人寫有關於David的。謝謝Mart Ho的幫助。連結以下。


Translation: I have collected together a number of articles written in Chinese to start a Chinese-language blog. I can’t write Chinese very well and only two of the articles were written by me. The other articles are translations of my English-language articles or articles written by other people about me. Thanks to Mart Ho for her help.

3 thoughts on “David的中文部落格出來了!

  1. Hey David, I came across this blog today and I think it’s quite great! I’ve been in Taipei about 2.5 months now and I wasn’t aware of so many things going on all the time! I plan to follow your blog and I’ve linked it to mine (which I just recently started) – hope that’s OK!

  2. been following this blog for a long time david but only just found out tonight that you are an aussie. i’m kinda the opposite of you, a taiwanese living in melbourne, you keep a great blog, keep it up!

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