Au Revoir Taipei: Fun and romance on the streets of Taipei

Au Revoir Taipei (一頁台北) is a fun, romantic comedy directed by Arvin Chen (陳駿霖). The story revolves around Kai and Susie. Kai spends long nights in a bookshop studying French in the hope of going to Paris to be with his girlfriend. Susie works in the bookshop and takes an interest in Hong. An ensemble of extra characters are also introduced at the start of the film including two police officers and a gang of four young men aspiring to be gangsters.

Kai goes to Bao, a real estate agent who doubles as a gangster, to ask for his help in getting to Paris. Kai is asked to deliver a package in return for the favour which sets up a chase that unfolds over one night in Taipei.

The movie then takes a rollicking ride through the streets of Taipei. The comic incidents evoked plenty of laughs from the audience. The story maintains a good pace throughout. Even though the ending is a bit predictable there is plenty of fun on the way to getting there.

Au Revoir Taipei is thoroughly entertaining and although it is nominally a love story the movie never takes itself too seriously. I saw it on Saturday morning in a packed Ximending cinema and the young audience seemed to enjoy it.