Justice For All Concert in Pingtung

The 2010 Justice For All Concert (正義無敵音樂會) was held in Pingtung yesterday. I arrived at the venue in the mid-afternoon while the bands were still doing their sound checks. The venue was a park in the Pingdong Sugar Factory — a big grassy area surrounded by palm trees with a banyan tree providing some nice shade.

In the late afternoon the crowd began to build as the first band Windmill (風籟坊) took to the stage. Windmill’s Hoklo rock was followed by the Hakka folk of Lin Sheng-xiang (林生祥). Sheng-xiang is well known as a protest singer and lives in Meinong, not far from Pingtung.

Next up was one of my favorite bands Aphasia (阿飛西雅). Their post-rock music contains no lyrics, but the inside cover of their album The Crocodile Society of Aphasia says, “Not having words doesn’t mean not having ideas” (沒有語言 不代表沒有意見). Their music evokes powerful emotions and in between songs Luxia Wu often makes some strong statements on the theme of justice.

After Aphasia’s set Freddy Lim made a speech mentioning that last year they didn’t organise a concert for 228 but this year they decided to do it again. Before it had always been in Taipei but if it was in Taipei every year that would be “boring”. This year they were able to get sponsorship from the Pingtung County Government. He said he hopes to hold the concert in other places around Taiwan in the future.

Freddy also said that every year around 228 many people say that young people don’t love Taiwan. However, that’s not right. Young people really love Taiwan and events like this are a way of showing it.

The next bands were Hoklo punk artists LTK Commune (濁水溪公社) and Kaohsiung punk band Fire-Ex (滅火器). Last but not least ChthoniC (閃靈) appeared in their full make-up. Their latest album Mirror of Retribution is based on a story related to 228, so it was very appropriate that they performed songs from it on this occassion.

*There will be more activity for music fans in southern Taiwan during March. The Megaport Music Festival (大港開唱) takes place over two weekends on 12-14 and 19-21 March at the Pier 2 Arts District (駁二藝術特區) in Kaohsiung. It includes a great lineup of Taiwan bands as well as bands from the USA, UK, China and Japan.

**More photos in the Justice For All 2010 set at flickr (photos to be uploaded over the next few days). There is also a video of Freddy’s speech at Youtube and Vimeo.

5 thoughts on “Justice For All Concert in Pingtung

  1. I’m so glad the new generation is getting involved in helping spread the message that they love Taiwan. Even though I live in the US, I am deeply concerned about the future of my home land, Taiwan. I hope this kind of concert can encourge more and more young people to express their love for Taiwan openly. I often feel most people in Taiwan have a deep love for this beautiful country but usually stay quiet because of historical reasons. It is only when people get united and speak out can the country develop into a true democratic and independent one.

    My salute to these young people.

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  3. I found your site by googling about concerts related to Burma and human rights in Taiwan, and fully appreciate your cover on such great things happenings! I am Taiwanese-American and am only just now discovering my love for this little island!

    Thanks again for the great pictures and articles, keep them up! Will follow for future news on human rights and social activism happenings.


  4. That looks like a really great event!
    I happened to visit Kaohsiung for just a single day one week before that event. If I had known about this, I’d have used it as an excuse to take another ride with the HSR.
    Did see a rather amusing music video with LTK Commune before I went to Taiwan and really would’ve liked to find out more about them from that. Haven’t had any luck though.

    Too many things going on in Taiwan for me to find out about this kind of stuff. Do you know about any noteworthy concerts going on in northern Taiwan?

  5. Sander, you’ve just missed the Megaport Festival over two weekends in Kaohsiung. The next major festival coming up is Spring Scream from 2-5 April in Kending. Apart from festivals there are always lots of bands playing gigs at various venues. Check Gig Guide TW for more info.

    I hear LTK are currently recording a new album. They should have some more shows in the near future. I think you need to understand Hoklo Taiwanese to fully appreciate their jokes, but some of the more visual jokes need little explanation.

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