Freestyle motocross at Freedom Square

Freedom Square hosted an exhibition of freestyle motocross riding yesterday afternoon. It was part of the Red Bull X-Fighters exhibition tour.

The riders pulled off extreme mid-air maneuvers in the space between the National Theatre and the National Concert Hall. Despite having only a short run up to the launching ramp they gained some serious air time.

The riders performed a range of stunts including the “Superman seat grab” (shown above) and building up to backflips.

The riders paused to enjoy the applause from the crowd. The large crowd sitting on the steps of the National Concert Hall can be seen in the background.

There was a team of young ladies on the scene promoting Red Bull.

The bikes on display after the event.

*More photos of the event at flickr and Demotix.

5 thoughts on “Freestyle motocross at Freedom Square

  1. Thanks Craig. It was very easy to get close to the action at this event. Most photos were taken with the 55-250mm lens somewhere in the middle of the zoom range.

  2. cool shots. wanted to go but had to work.

    also, i thought red bull had been banned due to its slight content of cocaine. maybe they’ve changed their recipe since.

  3. Thanks Andre. They were selling Red Bull at the event. I assume it is on sale elsewhere in Taiwan. Regarding the cocaine in Red Bull thing Wikipedia says, “Testing of Red Bull Energy Drink and its variations has shown that a person with a low tolerance for cocaine would have to consume two million cans of the drink in a single sitting before becoming critically ill. At this point, no further action has been taken on the matter in Taiwan.”

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