Winners of the blog awards

The winners of the 2009 Taiwan blog awards have been announced at Taiwanderful. Special congratulations to A Hungry Girl’s Guide to Taipei for winning the peer-judged award for overall best blog. shu flies won the online vote for the overall best blog.

Thanks to Ben, Portnoy, Carrie, Todd and DJ Marcus for judging the blogs in the peer-judged awards. Special thanks to Fili for managing all the technical stuff.

I know some people might be disappointed not to have won an award, but the awards highlight that there are many great Taiwan blogs out there. Hopefully all the blogs entered in the awards gained a few extra readers and people have been able to discover some new Taiwan blogs.

2 thoughts on “Winners of the blog awards

  1. Thanks to you and Fili for running the awards! I agree about what a great promotion this is for Taiwan blogs… I noticed several new blogs registered at the directory while the awards were running and I added lots of great new sites to my RSS reader that I would have never found otherwise.

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