Saturday in Ximending

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On Saturday afternoon I headed to Ximending (西門町) to meet a friend and see what was happening. The place was abuzz with activity. One of the first things I spotted was this concert going on in the plaza beside the Red Theatre (紅樓). The plaza also has a lively market where young designers and artists tout their wares.

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Standing outside the MRT Station two young college students approached me. Their teacher had asked them to speak to some foreigners to practice their English. I patiently and politely obliged their request (while silently cursing their English teacher).

2009 12 05_taipei-ximending_8954

A young lady chatted on her mobile phone as she moved through the crowd.

2009 12 05_taipei-ximending_8964

Wandering along a little way I discovered some cosplay with a Gothic theme happening.

2009 12 05_taipei-ximending_8969

And a blind man playing the erhu.

The reason I came to Ximending on this day was to see Kou Chou Ching (拷秋勤) perform outside the in89 Movie Theatre. I have embedded a video of them performing their song “Grey Coastlines” (灰色海岸線) above. I missed the intro to the song. The official music video is available on Facebook.

2009 12 05_taipei-ximending_9037

After Kou Chou Ching’s set a few guys stepped up to do some beatbox. The man pictured above was doing his first public performance after a year of practicing. He was pretty good.

2009 12 05_taipei-ximending_9072

I discovered a “Longstay Hotel”. I thought most of the hotels in this area specialised in short stay!

2009 12 05_taipei-ximending_9078

The man in the photo above was busy writing people’s names with a very artistic style of Chinese characters. A large crowd gathered round to watch.

2009 12 05_taipei-ximending_9084

The last stop was at some of the art shops in the Red Theatre. I discovered a small shop called Mago Life Shop which has a very interesting range of Buddhist t-shirts. The photo above shows John, the designer, with a “The Buddha is my mind mentor” t-shirt.

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