Some great Taiwan blogs: Part 2

Following yesterday’s post on some great Taiwan blogs, here are some more great Taiwan blogs in the categories of travel, photography, politics and tech.


Hiking Taiwan and Pashan are two blogs dedicated to hiking in Taiwan’s high mountains. Both feature great photos and commentary. A Hungry Girl is the definitive blog of food in Taipei. From gourmet restaurants to cheap street snacks she has it covered.

The Daily Bubble Tea has great photography and interesting travel stories. Todd also posts links every Thursday. My Several Worlds features interviews, photos and travel stories. Lao Ren Cha has photos and adventures from all around Taiwan.


Like travel, photography also has a wealth of fantastic blogs. Craig Ferguson features travel, music and culture related photos. Darren Melrose has the daily someone and interesting photo essays. Neil Wade looks at technical aspects of photography as well as travel in Taiwan. Taiwan Photographers, run by Carrie, features photos from many Taiwan photographers. Lief in Taiwan focuses his lens on Taiwan’s indigenous peoples. Charles Meacham specialises in Taiwan’s motorcycle scene.


Politics is a very popular topic for Taiwan bloggers. You can get all the latest news and opinion from Letters from Taiwan, Taiwan Matters, The Far-Eastern Sweet Potato, Michael Turton, A-gu’s That’s Impossible, F. Varga, Dixteel, Claudia Jean, Jerome Keating, Echo Taiwan, Talk Taiwan, Demo! and Stocks & Politics.

For those concerned about environmental matters Wild at Heart and Save the Dolphins provide news and insightful commentary. It seems political blogs in Taiwan are overwhelmingly green in both senses of the word!


This category currently has no blogs registered at Taiwanderful. Taiwan is a centre for hi-tech industries so I am sure there are some blogs out there that I am not aware of.

Not all the blogs mentioned here are registered at Taiwanderful. Blogs need to register at Taiwanderful by 1 December to be in the running for the Taiwan Blog Awards. Voting for the awards will take place from 1-20 December. If there are any other blogs readers would like to add to this list just leave a link in the comments.

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  1. Anders, it seems that blog is in Swedish. I can read it with the help of Google Translate though. I did a post a while ago on Non-English Taiwan blogs.

    Catherine, I even have Wandering Taiwan on my blogroll but somehow managed to leave it out. Thanks for the reminder.

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