Some great Taiwan blogs: Part 1

The Taiwan Best Blog Awards are now on and calling for registrations. I thought it would be a good time to link to and highlight some of the diverse and interesting Taiwan related blogs. Not all of these blogs are registered in the blog directory at Taiwanderful, but I hope some of those that aren’t can register and be considered for the awards.

Taiwanderful has also created a Twitter list of Taiwan bloggers. Any Taiwan bloggers using Twitter can send an @reply to Taiwanderful to be added. Andre maintains Bloggers in Taiwan which features a different Taiwan blog each week and has an extensive blogroll.

This post will be in two parts. Part One includes blogs in the categories education & language, general, personal and other. Part two will be posted tomorrow and covers blogs in travel, photography, politics and tech.

Education & language

Scott Sommers has one of the longest running English-language blogs in Taiwan. He draws on his experience as an academic in Taiwan with many interesting insights into Taiwan’s education system. Pinyin News is a must read for anyone that seeks to better understand the romanisation of Mandarin Chinese. That should be pretty much anyone in Taiwan who has tried to find an address in Jungshan Chung Shan JhungShan Zhongshan Road. Mandarin Scholarship Taiwan won the award for this section last year but hasn’t been updated for a long time.


Sponge Bear covers hiking, travel, news and the use of Japanese on signs in Taiwan. Betel Nut Equation is “A warts and all look at how foreigners cope with living in Taiwan”. Waakao has got Taiwan’s music and party scene well and truly covered. Jeff’s Taiwan has lots of useful information, cycling and travel. Mark Forman has podcasts, photos and the word from central Taiwan.


Tea Masters is a bilingual (French & English) blog that reveals the wonderful richness of Taiwan’s tea culture. Rice Society features fashion and design including the 100 outfits in 100 days challenge. Isla Formosa looks at the interesting and weird things in Taiwan and attempts to explain them. The Danshui History Blog has many interesting stories about the history of Danshui. Moshang podcasts great free chill out music.


shu flies has lots of interesting posts about things she covers as a features reporter for the Taipei Times. She also has some insightful posts about living in Taiwan. Michella’s blog Alive and Kicking! covers her life as a television reporter and anchor as well as travels and woodblock printing. Anyone that reads her blog will know that she works very long hours, but she still somehow finds time to blog in three languages! Poagao is possibly the longest running English-language blog in Taiwan. You should check out his photos too.

Bikedan is a recent addition to the Taiwan blogosphere. Daniel Carruthers stayed on in Taipei after competing in the cycling at the Deaflympics and mostly blogs about cycling. The New Hampshire Bushman, winner of the 2008 award for best blog, has a great combination of food, photos and tricycling. Andre has great photos and video of his family and travels in Taiwan. Ashish is Tumbling in Taiwan with photos, travel and some posts about Indian culture in Taiwan. Taiwan-Born American writes about returning to Taiwan “for uncertain adventures in identity formation, Mandarin literacy and TEFL teaching”.

Blogs need to register at Taiwanderful by 1 December to be in the running for the Taiwan Blog Awards. Voting for the awards will take place from 1-20 December.

Don’t forget to check back for part two with more great Taiwan blogs tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Some great Taiwan blogs: Part 1

  1. Poagao and Mark, I hope you can both register your blogs at Taiwanderful for the awards.

    Craig, thanks and glad your blog is registered for the awards. You will of course be mentioned in part two.

    Poagao, I notice that your posting frequency dramatically increases whenever you visit Japan.

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