Formosa Betrayed set for February 2010 release


Formosa Betrayed, a political thriller set in Taiwan in the 1980s, now has a worldwide distributor and is set for a release in 15-20 North American cities in February 2010. A tweet from @TaiwaneseAm_org on Twitter said the film will be released on the February 28th weekend. A press release from Taiwanese says the distributor is Screen Media Films.

Formosa Betrayed screened at the Hollywood Film Festival in Los Angeles on Saturday night. The film has screened in a number of US film festivals over the past few months. It recently won Best Picture and Best Actor for James Van Der Beek at the San Diego Film Festival and the Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature at the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival.

There is no word yet on the date for the film’s release in Taiwan.

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  1. Could be a good opportunity for you David. Arrange the distribution for Taiwan – I’m sure you could easily get some financial backing for it.

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