Kou Chou Ching win awards


Taiwanese hip hop artists Kou Chou Ching (拷秋勤) have won two awards at the Just Plain Folks Music Awards. They received the awards in Nashville, Tennessee on Saturday 29 August. The Taiwan News reports:

Taiwanese hip hop group Kou Chou Ching won the awards for “Best Remix Song” and “Best Music Group” at America’s Just Plain Folks (JPF) Music Awards Sunday, becoming the first Taiwanese artists to be honored by the nonprofit music awards program.

The group’s first full-length album “Kou!! It’s Coming Out!!! ” received four nominations in the competition, and aside from winning in the “Best Remix Song” and “Best Music Group” categories, placed second for “Best Asian Album” and fifth for “Best Asian Song.”

I first saw Kou Chou Ching perform last year. Since then I have seen many of their performances and got to know the members of the band. They rap in Hakka, Hoklo and Mandarin as well as sampling uniquely Taiwanese sounds. This creates what the band themselves describe as “Taiwan Traditional Hip Hop Style”. They are also notable for their energetic live performances.

Kou Chou Ching also give their time and energy to support many causes such as the Free Burma Concert and Sanying Community. They have just finished a tour in the United States and are heading on to Japan for more performances this weekend. They are great ambassadors taking the sounds of Taiwan to the world.  Congratulations to Kou Chou Ching.

4 thoughts on “Kou Chou Ching win awards

  1. I found their music 2-3 years ago, and have been listening to their music since. But it’s my first time saw them performing live here in New York this time, it was really fun. Congrats to them, too!

  2. pei, glad you had the chance to see Kou Chou Ching when they were in New York.

    cfimages, I also hope Kou Chou Ching and others can get more international attention and awards.

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