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Aphasia at The Wall on 14 June 2009

Summer has well and truly arrived and it brings with it an awesome line up of summer music events. Music festivals and other special events will see several major international acts perform as well as a huge number of Taiwanese bands. The events are not just limited to Taipei either, there are also festivals in Yilan, Kaohsiung and Miaoli. I have listed the events in chronological order.

The Grass Festival (第三屆草地音樂節) is on 4-5 July at the  Daxi Elementary School in Yilan County. It has an awesome line up of Taiwan indie bands over the two days including Aphasia (阿飛西雅), LTK Commune (濁水溪公社), 88 Balaz (八十八顆芭樂籽) and Kou Chou Ching (拷秋勤).

u-loud-2009The U-Loud Music Festival (有料音樂祭) has events in both Kaohsiung and Taipei. On 4 July it’s on at Pier 2 Arts District in Kaohsiung (高雄駁二藝術特區). The line up includes three Kaohsiung bands KoOk, Shy Kick Apple (害羞踢蘋果) and Fire Ex (滅火器) along with Clione-Index from Japan, Silverbus, Chang Jui-chuan, Orangegrass (橙草) and Sugar Plum Ferry (甜梅號).

Update: Hohaiyan Rock Festival (海洋音樂祭) at Fulong Beach in Taipei County from 10-12 July.


Free Tibet concert (西藏自由音樂會) on Saturday 11 July at the carpark next to Shingkong Mitsukoshi in the Xinyi District of Taipei. It kicks off at 1:30pm with an awesome line up of bands. The concert is not only about a Free Tibet, entry is also free. The line up of bands is KoOk, Enno Cheng (鄭宜農), Shoo Band (恕樂團), Banai (巴奈), Chang Jui-chuan (張睿銓), Aphasia, Dog G (大支), Fire Ex (滅火器), ChthoniC (閃靈) and LTK Commune. This will be ChthoniC’s first performance with their new style of makeup.

On 18-19 July the U-Loud Music Festival goes north for two shows at The Wall in Taipei. On Saturday the 18th the bands are Silverbus, Chang Jui-chuan, Orangegrass and ChthoniC. On Sunday it’s Shy Kick Apple, Fire Ex and Sugar Plum Fairy. Tickets for U-Loud in Taipei and Kaohsiung are NT$500 or NT$800 for two nights in Taipei.

kou-chou-ching-26-july-2009Hip hop fans should all be at The Wall on 26 July when Kou Chou Ching presents Unsung Heroes (無名英雄) featuring Kou Chou Ching, DJ Point, Chang Jui-chuan and MoShang. The event is to launch a compilation album featuring all these artists. Entry is NT$300 or NT$600 with a CD.

Terminals Music Festival (音樂航空站) on 1-2 August at Taoyuan Stadium is shaping to be the major event of the summer. Placebo are headlining on Saturday night and Tricky on Sunday night. There is a plethora of great bands listed to play over the two days and more to be announced. Australia is well represented with Frente, Mick Turner (of the Dirty Three), The Stabs, Cuba is Japan and The Holy Soul. There are more international bands from Japan, Germany, China and Malaysia. Taiwanese bands include 1976, The White Eyes (白目), LTK Commune, Tizzy Bac and Sugar Plum Ferry.

Nine Inch Nails  play at Nangang 101 on 12 August. And on 13 August the Summer Rock Summit featuring Linkin Park, All-American Rejects and Hoobastank is on at the Taipei County Stadium in Banqiao.

Jump Festival 2009 (跳起來音樂節) is on at the Huashan Arts Centre in Taipei from 15-16 August. This festival eschews international acts and puts the focus on Taiwan’s indie scene. Bands playing include 88 Balaz, Taimaica Sound System (台買加環繞音效), Flat Club (假文藝青年俱樂部), The Peppermints (薄荷葉) and more.

Central Taiwan sees some action on 21-23 August with Love Love Rock on the beach at Tongxiao in Miaoli County. The festival plans to invite 100 Asian indie bands to participate. (Update: The website says this event has been postponed.)

GigGuide Taiwan has more about live music events, especially regular gigs at venues in Taipei. Please check the festival websites for further information, especially details of ticket prices and exact times and locations. Events may be cancelled if there is a typhoon!

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  1. “This will be ChthoniC’s first performance with their new style of makeup.”

    You might want to remove that line. If a band are advertising their new makeup, if makes me wonder how bad their music is (not saying their music is bad, it just sounds like it from the description).

    July 11th at Underworld is The Deadly Vibes album release.

  2. cfimages, I certainly won’t change it. All aspects of ChthoniC’s music and performance are part of a creative process that is rooted in Taiwan’s history and culture. Even if you don’t like their style of music you should respect their originality and spirit.

    Thanks for the info about The Deadly Vibes. If anybody else has any other events they want to promote they are welcome to leave a comment.

    Portnoy, I sent you an e-mail regarding cross posting to GV.

  3. I didn’t mean anything negative by it. I haven’t actually heard their music because I am generally not a fan of black metal. I just meant that’s the impression the wording conjures up to someone who isn’t familiar with them. That said, I’m not sure what black metal has to do with TW culture and history. No offense intended.

  4. cfimages, no worries. When ChthoniC’s new album is released I might write something about it and explain more.

    Neil, I’m sure I’ll see you at some of these events too.

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