Rock and roll movie


Director and stars of A Place of One’s Own at the Taipei Film Festival L to R: Jack Kao (高捷), Lou Yi-an (樓一安), Lu Chia-hsin (路嘉欣), Mo Zi-yi (莫子儀)

Seeing films at the Taipei Film Festival recaptures the excitement of going to the movies. The cinema is packed and there is a great sense of anticipation before the film begins. It is also special to know that the director and stars of the movie are in the audience too. So it was last night when I went to the screening of A Place of One’s Own (一席之地), directed by Lou Yi-an (樓一安), at the festival.

A Place of One’s Own is a movie that captures the spirit of rock and roll and all its ups and downs. The two stars are Mozi (莫子), played by Mo Zi-yi, who is struggling with his career as an independent musician and a burden of debt. His girlfriend Kasey (凱西), played by Lu Chia-hsin, has a much more successful commercial musical career. Mozi’s pride makes him refuse to use Kasey’s success as a means to boost his own career.

Singing Chen (陳芯宜), director of God Man Dog (流浪神狗人), was the movie’s producer and some of the stylistic elements of God Man Dog can be seen in the production. In particular the use of religious imagery and the down to earth character played by Jack Kao. Kao is in a parallel story along with Lu Yi-Ching (陸弈靜). Kao’s character Lin creates paper houses that are burned in funeral ceremonies and along with his wife Yue, played by Lu, is part of a world of superstition, feng shui and obsession with the afterlife. The other main character is A-gang, the son of Lin and Yue, who acts as the bridge between the two stories.

The Amis community of Sanying (三鶯部落) in Taipei County also plays a part in the movie. Sanying is currently facing the threat of demolition once again. Director Lou said at the end of the movie that although he may not be able to solve the problem, at least he can make more people aware of it.

The movie is about the struggle of people living on the margins and contrasts their lives with those who have made it, although everyone must taste some of the bitterness of loss in the end. It reflects a strong social conscience and successfully uses music as an integral part of the story line.


The film will have a general release in Taiwan on 2 October 9 October. The movie soundtrack will be released on 1 August. A package of the CD and two tickets to the movie is available for NT$520. Lu Chia-hsin and Mo Zi-yi will perform at the Music Terminals  Festival (音樂航空站) in Taoyuan on 2 August.