2009 Taipei Film Festival


The 11th Taipei Film Festival (台北電影節) is on from 26 June to 12 July. This year the film festival venues are all conveniently located in Ximending. Most screenings will be at the Shinkong Cineplex (新光影城) and Zhongshan Hall (中山堂). There are also some outdoor screenings at the Taipei Cinema Park (台北電影主題公園) and a special exhibition about director King Hu (胡金) in the Red Theatre (紅樓).

The festival’s Taipei Award acts as a showcase for Taiwanese cinema. The award has been expanded this year to include individual awards for Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Editing. The line up for the awards starts with Yang Yang (陽陽), directed by Cheng Yu-chieh (鄭有傑). It is the first film produced under Ang Lee’s “Pushing Hands Project” and is also the opening film of the festival. I reviewed the black comedy Parking (停車) last year. The other films in the Taipei Award are Ayu (遺落的玻璃珠), A Place of One’s Own (一席之地), Finding Her (查無此人), Miao Miao (渺渺), No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti (不能沒有你), Somewhere I Have Never Travelled (帶我去遠方) and the animated film Port of Return (靠岸).

The City Voices section this year focuses on Berlin. There is also a section for films from Latin America. There are several films on the theme of deafness screening in support of the upcoming Deaflympics. They are Beyond Silence, Talentime and  Island Etude (練習曲), a 2007 Taiwanese film about a young hearing impaired man who cycles around Taiwan.

Please check the festival website for exact times and dates. Most films have Chinese and English subtitles, but check to be sure. Tickets are available through www.artsticket.com.tw or venue box offices. I will post reviews of some films in the coming weeks.

4 thoughts on “2009 Taipei Film Festival

  1. So what’s your top choice if you had to see just one. I saw Parking last year (on DVD) and thought it was brilliant.

  2. Craig, I would like to see Yang Yang, but by the time I bought my tickets it was sold out. The two Taiwanese films I am going to see are a A Place of One’s Own and Taipei 24H. I am also looking forward to seeing Wong Kar Wai’s Ashes of Time Redux. I might go to see more if I have time. The program is packed with interesting films — I haven’t even looked through it in full.

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