Su Beng still going strong


An article by Michael Richardson in the Boston Progressive Examiner includes a photo of Su Beng (史明) that I took during a protest against the amendments to the Parade and Assembly Law on Monday. The article begins, “Any reports of Su Beng being retired from his long activism for Taiwan independence are mistaken. The 92 year-old activist is still going strong”.

If you want to know more about Su Beng then check the Felicia’s blog, All About Su Beng. Felicia is writing Su Beng’s biography. In response to a question about why she chose to write about Su Beng she writes:

To me Su Beng is significant because he is one of the earliest people to have fought for the cause of Taiwan independence. He is someone who has not veered from his ideals or become corrupt by power over the years. There have been some political activists, who have entered mainstream politics and have somehow become corrupt by power or personal interest.


he was one of the first native Taiwanese to write about Taiwan’s history from a Taiwan-centric point of view. Before that, Taiwan was always written about as, or considered to be a part of China or Chinese history. His book “Taiwan’s 400 Years of History” influenced a generation of intellectuals who began to see and realize that Taiwan had its own unique history and culture, it made them think about what Taiwan was and what it meant to be Taiwanese and have a Taiwanese identity.

Su Beng’s life story really is extraordinary. His story in many ways mirrors Taiwan’s ongoing struggle.

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  1. David,

    Thank you for your continued interest and support of all the work I’ve been doing to document Su Beng’s life. I do hope to tell the story of Taiwan through Su Beng’s incredible life story.


    Felicia Lin
    Su Beng’s biographer

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