Links 4 May 2009

News: Chinese Taipei gets to observe the WHA. Taiwan is still denied full and equal participation in WHO. Wall Street Journal op-ed writes, “Why not make Taiwan a full member, and welcome Taiwan to join other U.N. organizations as well?” Well said!! WHO spokesman reveals invitation was the result of cross-strait negotiations and WHO was not involved. At least Taiwan has its foot in the door and hopefully will be able to increase its participation in the future.

Activist warns of united front tactics. John Tkacik on Taiwan’s eroding position. Ma Ying-jeou “reads between the lines” of the Treaty of Taipei and gets slammed by academics. John Tkacik adds more on the treaties.

Tsai Ing-wen condemns Parade and Assembly Law amendments. Pingpu Aborigines protest for recognition. Filipina worker awaits result of death sentence appeal. Taiwanese researchers invent low cost paper speakers. Taiwan works to protect butterflies. New York Times has a piece on  traditional vs simplified Chinese characters.

Clare Wang is the hot favorite for Queensland tourism job. The winner will be announced on 6 May. Taiwan offers its version of the dream tourism job. Young Taiwanese are encouraged to explore more of Taiwan.

FAPA: Check out the interview with Eric Chang in the latest FAPA-YPG newsletter.

Events: If you missed Urban Nomad don’t fear. There are more screenings at the Nanhai Gallery 8 & 9 May. The folks at Sanba have another party at Join-Us in Kaohsiung on 9 May. Breakfast meeting at 10am on Sunday 10 May. The guest speaker is  Sebo Koh speaking on Taiwanese identity. World Press Photo Exhibition starts on 10 May at B2 of the Eslite Dunhua Store in Taipei.