Links 11 May 2009

News: Freedom House says more on Taiwan press freedom. Leon Chuang of the Association of Taiwan Journalists also concerned about press freedom. Jonathan Adams has more on reactions to the Freedom House report. Michael Goldfarb on creeping reunification. Tsai Ing-wen speaks in Washington D.C. Hsu Yung-ming writes Taiwan is becoming a democratic dictatorship. Annette Lu on promoting a ‘Two China’ policy. Frightening: possibility of Chinese police being stationed in Taiwan.

Chen Shui-bian issues his last statement and starts hunger strike. Court may appoint attorney for Chen. Chen was hospitalised on Saturday morning.

Taiwan Defence Ministry lends aboriginal servicemen for roles in film Seediq Bale. Clare Wang a good sport after missing out on Queensland tourism job. Freddy Lim launches “T for Tibet” campaign and also announces Free Tibet Concert in Taipei on 11 July 2009. Pingdong professor works to protect the Formosan Black Bear.

Events: World Press Photo Exhibition at B2 of Eslite Dunhua Store in Taipei. The Golden Harvest Film Festival is now on and runs until 17 May. Amnesty International meeting in Taipei on Wednesday 13 May with Linda Arrigo as the guest speaker. On Sunday 17 May the DPP will hold their 517 rally in Taipei.

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  1. Thanks for the link David. I went to the World Press Photo on Saturday morning and it’s highly recommended.

  2. Seriously David

    These links provide me an excellent read for Friday evening shift at work.

    You are always so resourceful in deed

    I am having my own websites reworked and things are happening very slowly

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