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Fili and Michael have already blogged about it, but I might as well spread the news too. The Tourism Bureau has launched a Best Trip in the World competition. It is perhaps inspired by the Best Job in the World contest promoted by Tourism Queensland. Taiwanese contestant Clare Wang won the popular vote in that contest, but missed out on the grand prize.

The first stage of the competition requires teams of two (including at least one foreign national) to submit a four day itinerary and 60 second video. 50 teams will then be selected to travel on their four day itineraries and be paid NT$7,000 per day. Finally, a winner will be selected and paid NT$1 million and spend a month travelling around Taiwan. Please see the website for the details and deadlines.

In a post last week I complained about the Tourism Bureau’s failure to engage with local bloggers. The competition seems like a good way of creating attention online. One complaint though is that contestants who get to the second stage and take a four day trip around Taiwan have to upload a video (up to ten minutes) of their activities each day. I prefer to use photos and the written word to communicate, as do many other bloggers. Video production is a specific skill and can be time consuming if you want to do it well. Still I encourage everyone to enter and will follow the progress of the contest with interest.

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There is a human rights camp on Green Island (綠島) from 19-22 July. Green Island was used as a prison camp during the White Terror period. The camp provides a chance to learn about this important part of Taiwan’s history in the place where it happened.

The organisers are seeking 15 foreign students to join. Applicants need to have good Chinese-language communication skills and be interested in human rights in Taiwan. The trip is free, but you need to pay your own way to the starting point in Taidong. Details of the trip and how to apply can be found here (in Chinese only).

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  1. I was really looking forward to entering this contest when I first heard of it, but the video requirement is a big turnoff for me.

  2. David, regarding the video, you could easily make a video by throwing some photos together and narrating over the top. Also, many cameras have video function, and if you are lucky enough to have the Nikon D90 then you get HD to boot.

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