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dianmo-coverDianMo, a German student magazine about Sinology, has just released a special edition about Taiwan. You can download a pdf of the magazine from their website.

Most of the articles are in German, which I know a few readers of this blog can read. There are two articles in English. One is “Reviving Ethnic Diversity: Preserving Taiwan’s Austronesian Aboriginal Languages” by Jeffrey Campbell. The other is an article I wrote titled, “A Comparison of Transitional Justice in Taiwan and East Germany”.

Transitional justice is an issue which is an ongoing theme on this blog. East Germany and Taiwan both emerged from authoritarianism at around the same time. The comparison between the two countries raises some important issues. Any comments on my article or the magazine generally are most welcome.

*You can download a pdf file of the article here.

4 thoughts on “German magazine about Taiwan

  1. David, this seems like a special read to do on a Saturday evening.

    I will download the pdf file to read.

    I have a friend called blend08 (Wieland) who is really interested in Taiwanese culture. A keen businessman who visits Taiwan every few months.

    The magazine cover somehow looks a little shabby though 🙂

  2. roentarre,

    I am glad that you find it interesting. Maybe they should have asked you or Darren to provide a cover photo.

  3. Dear everyone,

    thank you for the comments.
    I agree to some part on the photo issue. I had some different ones in mind, but they did not pass editorial consent.
    The Mazu picture was chosen for its ‘impolitical’ but cultural implications which can be read as both either Taiwanese or/and Chinese. We are a small group of people actively working on this, with me being the only editor having lived on Taiwan. Some people still see the island through the “culturally Chinese” lenses, which I strongly object (in its absoluteness). The issue, however, we tried to keep explicitly free of direct political bias.
    I feel Taiwan offers a lot more to write about, so another issue definitely is something to keep an eye on. Thank God we are prone to learn, so next time we know where to turn for some nicer cover photo.
    Roentarre, I have been looking through your very aesthetic pictures. Perhaps we may approach you for a later magazine issue?
    Thank you, David, for posting this on your blog and for contributing your article!
    Best wishes, hopes and unceasing enthusiasm to everyone working on, for + towards the island republic of Taiwan!

    /Jacob (from Dianmo)

  4. Well, I read it (since I had to learn German at school, it first time it became useful).
    The publisher is located in Eastern Germany. No wonder he was interested in what you had to say.
    The quality of that special isn’t very impressing. From my experiences in Europe I must say you can be happy if the people can distinguish between Taiwan and Thailand.
    Of course, Sinologist always start their introduction with 23rd province of the PRC, but that’s official policy of their government,too.
    I just wished they would have ask Taiwanese students in Germany to present themself. Perhaps they are busy with their cute, blond German boy-friends…

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