Monocle covers Taiwan rock


Monocle magazine includes a feature on Taiwan rock factory looking at Taiwan’s music industry. You can view it online as a flash video with photos and commentary. ChthoniC (閃靈) bass player Doris Yeh is in the above photograph.

The report includes Freddy Lim of ChthoniC and part-owner of Taipei live music venue The Wall. The commentary somewhat confusingly says, “ChthoniC are tuneful poster boys and girls for the politicised youth angry at China’s tentacles in Tibet and Taipei. Taiwan is officially part of the Republic of China.” I suggest the script should be changed to, “Taiwan is officially not part of the People’s Republic of China.”

The Liberty Times (自由時報) also reports on Freddy’s appearance in Monocle. It says the photo shoot was done on the roof of Freddy’s house. Freddy says his house is very normal and doesn’t contain any skeletons. He also reveals ChthoniC will play at the Free Tibet concert in July and their new album will be released during the summer.