Links 27 April 2009

DPP vs KMT violence. Taipei Times, 26 April 2009.

News: Richard Bush on the Taiwan Relations Act. Denny Roy on the US’s changing position on Taiwan. Parris Chang on Beijing’s changing approach to Taiwan. Chen Yi-nan on the impact of UN rights treaties. Ohters are skeptical about the government’s legislation on rights. Chinese investment threatens Taiwan’s media freedom. China parades its naval power.

Environmentalists criticise government on Earth Day. Executive Yuan approves renewable energy plan. Taiwan has a high density of solar hot water systems. Topco Scientific builds solar power station. Smangus gets energy efficient lights. Giant expects more growth in bike production.

Chinese spouses get work rights. Tough economic times good for NT$100 haircuts. WSJ article on medical students’ respect for cadavers. Air Asia to launch Taipei-Kuala Lumpur flights.

Events: Urban Nomad Film Fest continues this week. Bike Day is on 3 May. The Tainan May Jam is on from 1-3 May. May Day protest: meet at Freedom Square at 1:00pm.