Links 13 April 2009

News: Peter Huang explains why ratification of UN rights covenants is important. Retired prosecutor criticises the death penalty. Michael Turton in the WSJ on how Chinese culture is used as a political tool in Taiwan. (Also see 中文 translation and discussion on the Talking Show). Former CNA Chair Su Tzen-ping writes that press freedom is threatened. US court avoids political decision in Taiwan sovereignty case.

History I never knew about: the 6 April 1949 incident at NTNU. Strong opposition to nuclear waste in Taidong. Electronics executive critical over government’s slow pace on green tech. Sewage discharge is killing Kending coral. The Philippine Star on scooters in Taiwan and lessons for the Philippines.

Events: This week is Australia Week at NCCU. The main event is a conference on Tuesday 14 April. Monthly breakfast meeting on 18 April. Michael Turton has the details.

Earth Day is on 22 April. Urban Nomad Film Fest kicks off on 23 April.

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