Links 30 March 2009

News: US releases new report on China’s military rise. Congress backs strong resolution on TRA. Former President Chen Shui-bian accuses KMT of judicial persecution. DPP Chairperson Tsai Ing-wen says charges against leading DPP members are an attempt at judicial liquidation of the party. Activists call for end to death penalty.

Chinese women face racism in Taiwan. Huang Luo-feei on the DPP and ethnic issues. Cao Changqing writes the system breeds contempt. TSMC employees protest lack of labor rights. Filipino workers  forced to return home by downturn.

Jonathan Adams on the Mazu pilgrimage and the web. MTAC (蒙藏會) head says Dalai Lama can’t visit now. South Africa also rejects Dalai Lama visit. The Hollywood Reporter interviews movie director Wei Te-sheng. Giant Chairman King Liu to bike from Beijing to Shanghai. Kaohsiung World Games Stadium is an eco-architectural model.

Events: Spring Scream (春天吶喊) is on from 3-5 April in Kending. UK rock invasion: Oasis in Taipei on 3 April, Dragonforce on 9 April.