Links 23 March 2009

News: Records of Taiwan’s White Terror period “found” in Xindian. The Taiwan News has an excellent editorial on why the White Terror files are important. Taipower announces nuclear waste dump plans. Jonathan Adams reports on worries at the Hsinchu Science Park. Taiwan gives priority to green energy industries.

Stephen Yates says TRA doesn’t reflect reality. Congress waters down resolution on TRA 30th anniversary. AIT Chairman Raymond Burghardt says US comfortable with cross-strait detente. Richard Fisher analyses Taiwan’s defense needs.

Kaoshiung to get rid of tricycle rickshaws. Taiwan Journal profiles indigenous musician and activist Kimbo Hu. Tony Phillips discusses the lack of international sporting events in Taiwan.

Finally, Clare Wang (王秀毓) is leading the popular vote in Tourism Queensland contest. Please vote for Clare.

Events: David Chen & the Muddy Basin Ramblers are playing the final show of the Bitan Music Festival from 3:00 to 5:00 pm on Sunday 29 March. SanBa Productions presents Kaohsiung’s first live music ladies’ night at ATT on Saturday 28 March. Taiwan Photo Club meeting on Saturday 28 March.

5 thoughts on “Links 23 March 2009

  1. “The Taiwan News has an excellent editorial on why the White Terror files are important”

    A friend whose dad used to work for one of the investigative bureaus said they shred a lot of files right after Chen Shui-bian was elected president. Stumbling onto white terror era documents is a huge find; they better not destroy anymore before they can be archived and released for public view…

  2. Regarding the White Terror files, it makes one wonder if there are more files out there that have been “forgotten” about or abandoned. It is probably the case that many of them have already been destroyed.

    Rickshaws are the tricycles found on Qijin Island in Kaohsiung. I find it a little strange that they want to get rid of them. They are a unique tourist attraction.

  3. Oh, but the article you link to in the Taipei Times talks about sampans used to ferry passengers between Kaohsiung and Cijin. The articles says they caused a few accidents in the harbor and now are buying them out. Are you sure they are getting rid of the rickshaws?

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