Links 2 March 2008

News: Tsai Ing-wen on the hidden costs of CECA. Debate over Control Yuan’s censure of prosecutors. Malou Innocent asks is China a peaceful partner or war monger? Dalai Lama wants to visit Taiwan. MAC pushes for refugee law.

Time to close Songshan airport. Taiwan’s rate of transnational marriage is declining. HSR cuts services and salaries. Activists demand Hoklo exams. Aborigines send out smoke signals in protest. Penghu residents save historic village. Government agencies prepare for possible drought. Kaohsiung launches bike rental system.

228: Su Tseng-chang says 228 goodwill has dissipated. Linda Arrigo says Taipei graveyard holds key to White Terror. Lin I-hsiung says renaming of hall is an insult. President Ma’s 228 speech interrupted by protesters.

Human rights: US State Department releases its 2008 report on human rights in Taiwan.

Events: The Tour de Taiwan begins in Kaohsiung on Sunday 8 March. It then races along the west coast to finish in Taipei on 14 March. Details of all the stages here.

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  1. I could be wrong, but I believe the yomiuri just recently reported that direct flights have been opened from Narita to Songshan. Have you heard any news about that?

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