Formosa Betrayed coming soon


Two and a half years ago I wrote about plans to make a movie about the Taiwanese struggle for democracy in the 1980s. For all those who have been anticipating this movie, the wait is almost over. Formosa Betrayed had its first screening for cast, crew and investors in Hollywood on 28 February.

The film was brought to the big screen by Will Tiao who produced and also acts in the film. A report on the screening from Taiwanese American Spotlight writes:

What a journey this has been for actor-turned-producer Will Tiao: first featured him three years ago during the early fund-raising stages for his independent film project, Formosa Betrayed. When we met him, he had just raised his first $50,000 after presenting his risky but impassioned ideas about creating a movie that would tell the stories of countless unheard Taiwanese Americans. He might tell you that many doubted that he could bring such an ambitious project to fruition, but after fundraising in 60+ cities and sharing his visions for the film and the impact it would make, investors from all over the world jumped aboard. Now, three years later, Will’s vision has become a reality: an independent film with the scope and production value of a major Hollywood blockbuster.

For more information about the movie visit the IMDb page or the official website. There is also a Facebook group to follow the latest news of the film. When a trailer or details of screenings in Taiwan become available I will post them on this blog.

4 thoughts on “Formosa Betrayed coming soon

  1. This movie would be quite interesting to follow through. I am quite surprised that Hollywood is actually involved in this movie making process

  2. Sounds fascinating, yet unfortunately I don’t see it getting a huge number of distributors in the USA. Being American, I can honestly say that stuff like this (fascinating as it is to many of us) doesn’t appeal to a wide audience over there. Unless it’s got corsets or Nazis, “important” movies don’t…well…you know the whole rant. And I’m saying this about my own people!

  3. Jenna,

    I doubt the film will get a wide release too. However, there are a lot of people in the USA. Even if only a small percentage of people see it that’s still a lot of people. It will obviously have special appeal to the Taiwanese American community.

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