Clare Wang is a winner!

Clare Wang (王秀毓) from Taiwan has won the wild card vote in The Best Job in the World, a tourism promotion activity by Tourism Queensland. She received a total of 151,676 votes, almost three times more than the second place getter.

Entrants in the contest had to produce a 60-second video explaining why they should get the job. Clare’s slickly produced video can be seen above. In it she emphasizes her communication skills and ability to reach a large audience through her knowledge of both English and Chinese. She finishes by saying she will be “super curious”.

Clare will now fly to Australia to compete with ten others for “the best job in the world”. The final winner gets to spend six months exploring the islands of the Great Barrier Reef and write a blog about their adventures. For that they will get paid a cool AU$150,000.

The voting process was not without controversy. Some people suggested getting on the shortlist was about more than having good communication skills. One woman who missed out on selection accused Tourism Queensland of choosing people who looked good in a bikini. Queenslander Hailey Turner, vying for the job, stripped off to her bikini in Times Square in an attempt to garner more votes. If you watch Clare’s video carefully you might also catch sight of her in a bikini, however I am sure it is her other talents which got her the job.

10 thoughts on “Clare Wang is a winner!

  1. That’s a lovely video – though while I can see why she emphasized being of Chinese origins (Hu Jintao is there talking with President Obama) rather than Taiwanese, it would be great to get someone from Taiwan who was more…shall we say…patriotic and interested in her own origins in Taiwan?

  2. Jenna, I don’t want to make too many assumptions about Clare’s politics based on a 60 second video. She emphasizes the Chinese language rather than its connection to a specific political entity. The Australian media has consistently referred to her as Taiwanese.

  3. It IS a really good video. I can see why they selected her as a finalist. Very well put together. I wonder what the other videos look like?

  4. I’m only making the assumption because when she talked about translation, it was between pictures of Hu Jintao and President Obama…which to me signifies stressing more than the Chinese language. But oh well. It’s a great video regardless.

  5. I would love to chat with Clare about her experience sky diving. I am actually looking for a place in Taiwan to go sky diving this summer.

    Please let me know if anyone has information.

    I also wanted to say sorry I missed the privilege to vote for you but, it is obvious that your the “it girl” I would actually say that with the high production quality maybe after this new career you could become a live tv reporter or something.

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