Wang Wen rock Underworld


Chinese band Wang Wen (惘聞) played their first gig in Taipei last night at Underworld (地下社會) in Shi-Da Road. Hailing from Dalian, Wang Wen are in Taiwan as part of the PUTS Sound 8, a documentary film and music festival.


Wang Wen’s sound not only evokes the spirit of Sonic Youth, they also employ some unorthodox guitar playing methods, such as using electric fans and screwdrivers, to create unique sounds. They create an intense “wall of sound” effect in their mostly instrumental numbers.


The band only said a few words during their set. They said they were glad to have the chance to come and perform in Taiwan and they hoped Taiwanese bands would also come to play in China.

Wang Wen were supported by 88 Balaz and Taimaica Sound System. They are also playing at ATT  in Kaohsiung at 3:00pm on Saturday 21 February and at The Wall in Taipei at 8:00pm on Sunday 22 February.

Update: 中文報導:大連到台北的距離

5 thoughts on “Wang Wen rock Underworld

  1. roentarre, There are some great bands regularly playing live in Taipei. I highly recommend you check out The Wall. It is a little difficult to take photos at Underworld.

  2. Great shots David. I was actually thinking the light looked good esp for ISO1600. I had to use ISO6400 at Bliss on Saturday night – that place is very dark.

  3. Thanks Craig. The problem is not just the light, but the venue is very small and cramped making it hard to get in a good position to take photos.

    I wonder how ISO6400 on the 5D compares to ISO1600 on the 400D.

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