2009 Taipei Book Exhibition


The Taipei International Book Exhibition (台北國際書展) is now on at the Taipei World Trade Centre. It opened for the trade yesterday and to the public today. The exhibition features a huge range of books from Taiwanese and international publishers.


This year’s international guest of honour is Thailand. In addition to having books on display there are also Thai cooking demonstrations and Thai language lessons. There are many other countries represented at the Book Show with Japan, the USA, France and Germany being very prominent.

The French section includes an exhibition of photography titled “100 x FRANCE”. There is also a book design competition featuring books from Taiwan, China, Japan and Korea. If you are interested in movies check out the Movie Pavilion which is screening 14 films and documentaries. For music lovers Lin Sheng-xiang (林生祥) and Ken Ohtake will perform on Saturday.


The No. 2 exhibition hall was host to manga (comics) and was buzzing with activity. There were huge queues to get into many of the stalls where many of the books were on sale at a discount. The No. 3 hall features children’s books.

The Book Exhibition continues until Monday. There are extended opening hours from 10am to 10pm on Friday to Sunday. Tickets are only $50 for entry after 6pm.