Links February 16 2009

Events: Check the events calendar at Taiwanderful.

News: Lillian Wang writes that the Taiwanese media is feeding off the Chen family’s case. Green Party nominates Calvin Wen for Taipei by-election and the New Party joins the race. Cheng-yi Lin in the Asia Times on Chinese defense policy and Taiwan. Keith Bradsher of the New York Times interviews President Ma. Taipei Times interview with Therese Shaheen.

Aboriginal groups oppose the planned Maqaw National Park. The EPA promotes “artificial wetlands” as tourist destinations. Kaohsiung hires people to chase off monkeys.

Taiwan starts building a replica of Koxinga’s ship. Asia Times article about Praxis Language, producers of ChinesePod. In Taiwan coffee is now king. Food/travel article from The Australian: Handmade in Taiwan.

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