Links 23 February 2009

News: The Taipei Times has a long interview with President Ma Ying-jeou. The New York Times has published a transcript of its 12 February interview with the President. Taiwan’s economy is now in recession. Bike makers are still going strong. Editorials in favour of the 228 holiday from the Taipei Times and the China Post. The New York Times discusses Chen Shui-bian’s case and the judicial system. And A-bian has started another hunger strike.

Legislative Yuan to broadcast meetings live via the web, gets praise from watchdog group and later criticised for censorship. Taipei Times interview with Green Party legislative candidate Calvin Wen and the Green Party opens campaign HQ. Leading DPP politician says he will vote for the Greens.

Tsou people still concerned about Alishan hotel project. Amis communities in Taoyuan County face demolition and have now been demolished. Indigenous legislators call for preservation of tribal languages.  The Rukai people have Dutch connections.

ITRI looks for energy from the ocean. Science Daily reports delays in TB treatment. Singapore starlet insulted in Taiwan.

Events: Saturday 28 February is 228 Memorial Day. There will be several events to mark the day in Taiwan with memorial services in Taipei and Kaohsiung. The TAUP is holding an all day sit in at Freedom Square in Taipei.