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Events: The Taipei Book Fair is on from 5-9 February (4 Feb trade only). Amnesty International has a documentary screening for Red Hand Day in Taipei on 12 February. Also see the events calendar at Taiwanderful.

In the news: The past week has been Taiwan’s silly season for news. The news was dominated by reports of traffic jams, red envelopes and two black-and-white bamboo munching creatures in the Muzha Zoo.

A few items of interest… Taipei County has development plans for the now demolished UFO houses. The Economist discusses Chen Shui-bian’s trial. Roger Lin’s legal case on the status of Taiwan in the US Court of Appeals. Former Vice-President Annette Lu seeks support for her proposed newspaper venture.

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4 thoughts on “Links 2 February 2009

  1. * Press Release **


    Many media today continually report that “Taiwan is a part of China.” In fact, such a statement is totally incorrect.

    Indeed, perhaps one of the greatest challenges facing Mr. Obama will be the “resolution of the Taiwan status issue.”

    A Press Conference will be held on the afternoon of Feb. 5th in the National Press Building, Washington D.C. to discuss some important aspects of Taiwan’s situation.

    In particular, we will review the progress of the lawsuit now in the US Court of Appeals, arguing that native Taiwanese persons are incorrectly classified as having “Republic of China nationality,” and in fact should be holding some form of US overseas passport. (This conclusion is based on the historical and legal record.)

    Yes, native Taiwanese people are entitled to certain fundamental rights under the US Constitution !!

    See —

    Taiwan is correctly classified as the sixth major overseas territory of the USA.

    A thread about the Taiwan status issue was started on the axishistory forums by one of our associates, and you might like to glance through it. Please see —

    Was Taiwan returned to China after WWII?

    The major media are ignoring this story. It is certainly worthy of some careful attention.


    (Secretarial pool)
    for Dr. Roger Lin and Richard Hartzell

    Taipei, Taiwan

    Jan. 30, 2009

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Also see:

    Commentary on the One China Policy

    (Many people are confused about the United States’ One China Policy, but in fact that policy is 100% correct.)

  2. Sally,

    Thanks for the information. Maybe some readers are interested in finding out more about this. However, I think it is not the right direction to take or the best way to solve the Taiwan issue.

  3. What then is the right direction to take or the best way to solve the Taiwan issue?

    Entrance to the United Nations is certainly not a possibility.

  4. Observer,

    There is no simple answer to your question. I think it is important however that Taiwan continues to assert the fact that it is independent. Some key points are that all negotiations/agreements with China should be on a state to state basis of mutual equality; Taiwan should be able to participate in international organisations as Taiwan without interference from China; within Taiwan there should be constitutional reform (or a new constitution) and further actions toward achieving transitional justice.

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