Cosplay at Fancy Frontier 13


The sun came out on the weekend and so did Taiwan’s cosplayers for Fancy Frontier 13 at the NTU Sports Centre. The event featured hundreds of people in a huge variety of costumes with a similar number of photographers and friends.


The lake at NTU provides an ideal setting for photography and is a good place to escape from the crowds.


Although there is a lot of posing for photos, it is also interesting to catch candid snaps like this. The day is not just about getting dressed up, but a big social event for fans of cosplay.


These two were having great fun acting and posing for the cameras.


Something I hadn’t seen before was the display of anime themed cars and motorbikes.

There is more cosplay action happening at the NTU Sports Centre next weekend (7-8 Feb) with Comic World in Taiwan. More photos can be found in the Fancy Frontier 13 set at flickr.

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