Links 5 January 2009

Events: Taiwan Photo Club meeting on 11 January 2009. Details at flickr. Check out Gig Guide TW for info about live music in Taipei.

Special advance notice: Free Tibet Concert in Taipei on Sunday 15 March 2009.

In the news: Taiwan’s judicial system is in the news. Annette Lu says late night court hearings are unconstitutional. The Taipei Bar Association defends Chen Shui-bian’s lawyer. More criticisms of the handling of Chen’s case and the KMT. Taipei Times editorialises that the judicial farce warrants ICJ intervention. Celia Llopis-Jensen writes of the death penalty and problems in the judiciary.

Environmental activists lament that in Taiwan economy comes before environment. The EPA demonstrates its ineptitude in Kaohsiung. Charles Snyder describes White Terror. Asia Pacific Arts lists the best Taiwanese films of 2008.