Links 19 January 2009

Events: Aboriginal Invitational Live Music in Pingdong County on 26-27 January.

In the news: Finally some good news from the Legislative Yuan: bill passed to outlaw human trafficking and residency for Thai/Burmese students and Tibetans approved (more on this in the Taiwan Journal). However, the Legislature was forced to hold an extra session and was criticised by Citizen Congress Watch and in a Taipei Times editorial.

In the Asia Times Stephen Nelson writes dark days have returned. In the Financial Times David Pilling writes that Chen Shui-bian’s trial is a test for Taiwan’s democracy. The Taipei Times and Taiwan News both have editorials scathing prosecutors and judges who mocked Chen Shui-bian. Ma’s mentor Jerome Cohen again expresses his concern about Taiwan’s justice system.

June Tsai on happy life at the Losheng Sanitorium. Hit film Cape No. 7 to be released in China on Valentine’s Day. Taiwan coffee chain 85度C’s sea salt coffee gets international attention. Taiwanese scientists develop a computer controlled gear system for bicycles. Steven Crook on Taiwan’s world class hiking.

One thought on “Links 19 January 2009

  1. David, I saw your link from our Fool’s Mountain site to your blog and came over to check it out. Nice! I especially liked your link to Cafe 85C, my favourite coffee chain in the world. I’m in San Diego and was last in Taiwan in April of last year, where we tried the branch by the Longshan temple in Taipei and thought it blew Starbucks away.

    Now I gotta get back to try this salt coffee. I’ll see if it can top the coffee milk tea concoction that was my favourite at the time. 🙂

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