Links 12 January 2009

Events: Concert in support of the Sanying Community (三鶯部落) at 3:00pm on 17 January. Features performances by Kou Chou Ching, 929 and more. Details here.

Urban Nomad is calling for entries for its 2009 Film Festival.

Advance notice: Amnesty International is having a documentary screening and discussion in Taipei for Red Hand Day on 12 February. This is the international day for child soldiers.

In the news: Taiwan’s judicial system seems to be a running theme. Former Premier Su Tseng-chang on judicial double standards. Taiwan News editorial says Taiwan needs justice not persecutions. Minister for Justice, Wang Ching-feng writes her second response to the Taiwan scholars’ open letter. (Also see the minister’s first letter and the scholars’ first and second letters.) Taiwan fails to meet international standards on detentions.

Tibetan refugees to be granted residency. Human Rights Watch responds to the Taipei Times about removal of Taiwan from website. Bunun people express concern about the Formosan Black Bear. EPA unable to solve Kaohsiung County pollution problem and the EPA Minister gets lambasted. Taiwanese rush to get married before the Lunar New Year. Dan Bloom helps uncover author’s hoax.