1206 climate change action in Taipei

The 1206 climate change action was held in Taipei today. It was part of an international day of action on climate change. The action is timed to coincide with the UNFCCC climate talks in Poznan, Poland. I also participated in the 2006 and 2007 actions in Taipei.

This year the action began at Freedom Square (自由廣場) where people gathered for a march. Last year about three thousand people marched, but this year the numbers were down to less than a thousand. Climate change is an issue which gets little attention in Taiwan and perhaps Taiwanese are too consumed by other issues at the moment to get involved in action against climate change. Still a large number of environmental groups were involved including the Green Party, Society of Wilderness and the Homemaker’s Union and Foundation. There were also several groups opposing local development projects.

The march went through the streets from Freedom Square to Da’an Forest Park. At Da’an Park there was a concert featuring performances by musicians and speeches and skits to inform people about some important issues in Taiwan.

The photo above shows a group acting out a skit encouraging people to eat less meat as a way of preventing climate change. A group from Tucheng in Taipei County spoke of their opposition the proposed relocation of the Tucheng prison. Activists opposing the Su-Hua Freeway called on the government to increase train services and make it easier to purchase train tickets. Another group spoke out against the proposed Dan-Bei Expressway.

The photo above shows Amis musician Banai (巴奈) performing with her daughter. There was a wide variety of musical styles at the concert including rap. The final act of the concert was a rousing musical performance by Kimbo Hu (胡德夫), a famous indigenous musician.

*More photos in the 1206 climate change action set at flickr.