Top five places in Taiwan

Fili has written a post asking people about the best travel spots in Taiwan. I thought I would make a list of my top five places in Taiwan.

Located in the mountains of Taoyuan County off the Northern Cross Island Highway the old trees at Lala Shan (拉拉山) are an amazing sight.

Just getting to Smangus is a journey in itself. Taiwan’s most remote village is located high in the mountains of Hsinchu County.

I love Tainan! The city has wonderful food, interesting historic sights and much better weather than Taipei.

While nearby Jiufen (九份) may be more well known, Jinguashi (金瓜石) is a place not to be missed. The Gold Ecological Museum highlights the rich history of this area. It makes a great day trip from Taipei.

Taiwan has many amazing temples. My favorite is Bao’an Temple (大龍峒保安宮) in Taipei.

I have only listed places that I have visited. It is quite a while since I have been to Hualian or Taidong, but the east coast is somewhere I would really like to explore more. There are some other places that I would like to visit and I am sure they would possibly shoot into the top five. Some places on my list include Orchid Island (蘭嶼), Jinmen (金門), Yu Shan (玉山) and the Southern Cross-Island Highway (南橫).

Readers are welcome to leave a comment with their own top five. If you have your own blog then you might like to write a post about your five favorite places in Taiwan.

6 thoughts on “Top five places in Taiwan

  1. My Top 5:
    (1) Tainan Confucius Temple and sights nearby
    (2) Taipei 101
    (3) Sun Moon Lake
    (4) Lugang’s Longshan Temple
    (5) Eluanpi/Kenting

  2. Hi David,

    Met you once a long time ago and have recently added your blog to my internet rounds. Good stuff. I’ve enjoyed reading.

    Anywho, my top 5 (in no particular order):
    1. North Cross Island Highway
    2. Central Cross Island Highway
    3. Southern Cross Island Highway
    4. East Coast Highway
    5. Ali Shan Highway
    (Hey, I like to ride my motorcycle!)

  3. Yay travel lists!
    I’d vote for Lugang, Yanzikou in Taroko, Caoling Trail, Bao’an Temple and Lishan.

  4. Thanks for your lists everyone. Perhaps five places is not enough. I know there was one more place I really wanted to include.

    Neil, I thought about including the Northern Cross Island Highway, but just chose Lala Shan instead. I’d like to ride all those roads on my bicycle some day.

  5. My 5 picks:

    1. Ali Shan – historic small gauge train from Changhua. Japanese colonial history and natural scenery.

    2. Taroko Gorge National Park

    3. East coast rail from Taipei to Taidong – winding through gorges, rice-fields, Pacific Ocean views and the rift valley between central and coastal mountain ranges.

    4. Tainan – history and authentic Taiwan culture.

    5. National Palace Museum – treasures of imperial China

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