Links 3 November 2008

The above photo was taken at the hunger strike at the Legislative Yuan on Friday night. I wrote about it in an earlier post and also documented it in a photoset at flickr. I was there with Darren who has a great report and photos. Claudia Jean rounds up the news from the event. Memories of Past Tense also reports on Friday night’s activities. If you can understand Hoklo Taiwanese please watch Professor Tsai being interviewed by Shieh Jhy-wey. Meanwhile more from the Taiwan blogosphere…

Events: The Golden Horse Film Festival is on in Taipei from 6-21 November.

In the news: Cindy Sui writing in the Asia Times says Ma goes too far, too fast. Trek chief bullish about the bike industry. Taiwan manufacturers get ready for robotics.

Civil disobedience seems like a theme in the Taipei Times this week. Chen Yi-chung writes that Taiwanese need to read up on Thoreau and an editorial on the beginnings of civil disobedience.  There is also an interview with Professor Tsai about the motivation for his hunger strike.

Check my shared items at Google Reader and Taiwan delicious links for more Taiwan links. Michael Turton also has links.

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  1. Thank you David for running your links posts and placing Shan Ding Lu references in them. You have a great readership.


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