Links 6 October 2008

Events: EarthFest is on at the Kunlun Gardens in Longtan from 10-12 October.

In the news: The Maokong Gondola was shut down for at least a month for a safety inspection. Rains from Typhoon Jangmi eroded away the soil under a pillar. Taipei City Councillors initially raised the alarm. DPP councillors later raised more concerns about the geological assessment.

Radio Taiwan International was hit by allegations of bias from the KMT government resulting in the resignation of several board members. A-gu covered the issue in detail.  Johnny Neihu also had some commentary on the issue. Go to the RTI website, listen and judge for yourself.

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One thought on “Links 6 October 2008

  1. Hi David

    Thanks for the shout out in the links above, given your blog sets the standard for Taipei blogging. I had wondered why my blog suddenly jumped from 3199 page hits last month (already a record by far) to 4976 hits already this month. Good to have confirmation that the seats in the HSR all swivel around – it seems unusual to me but if it works it works!


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