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1895 in Formosa (一八九五) is a new Taiwanese film scheduled for general release in Taiwan on 6 November. It is also screening at the Kaohsiung Film Festival. A report in the Taipei Times from a pre-screening of the film said:

Funded by the Council for Hakka Affairs, 1895, a movie that tells the story of the resistance against the Japanese invasion in 1895 — the biggest war in Taiwan’s history — will be shown in theaters next month, director Hung Chi-yu (洪智育) said on Wednesday.

1895 marks the first of several films related to important historical events in Taiwan that should be released over the next few years. Formosa Betrayed is currently in post-production. The story is about the investigation of the murder of a Taiwanese-American professor at a Midwestern college in the early 1980s.

Seediq Bale is a film project of Wei Te-sheng (魏德聖) about Mona Ludao and the 1930 Wushe Uprising. A short film to promote the project was produced a few years ago. Now with the commercial success of Cape No. 7, Wei should have the funds to produce a full length feature film.


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