Typhoon Jangmi

Xindian River in Bitan near its peak flood level during Typhoon Jangmi

Just two weeks after Typhoon Sinlaku another major typhoon struck Taiwan on Sunday. Typhoon Jangmi (薔蜜颱風) bought large amounts of rain to the north of Taiwan. The photo above shows the Xindian River in Bitan near its peak level on Sunday evening. It was about the same as the peak reached during Typhoon Krosa in October last year.

The Taipei Times reports that two people were killed and dozens were injured. Many of those injured were riding motorcycles during the storm.

The Taiwan High Speed Rail suspended all services on Sunday afternoon and resumed again on Monday afternoon. The Taipei MRT ran services at a reduced frequency and suspended service on the Muzha line on Sunday evening.

Tree knocked down by Typhoon Jangmi in Bitan

This photo shows a tree transplanted by the riverside in Bitan. As it was only recently transplanted its roots weren’t strong enough to resist the flow of the river and it was knocked over.

Taiwan rainfall associated with Typhoon Jangmi, 27 September 2008 Taiwan rainfall associated with Typhoon Jangmi, 28 September 2008 Taiwan rainfall associated with Typhoon Jangmi, 29 September 2008

The graphics above from the Central Weather Bureau show the rainfall associated with the typhoon. Taiping Shan (太平山) in Yilan County recorded 1,132 millimetres from 27 September up to 8:00pm on 29 September.

A few other bloggers have reported on the typhoon’s impact. Darren has great photos of the aftermath in Bitan. Sponge Bear reports from Taizhong. JD on EP and Michael Turton both live blogged the typhoon as it hit.

The typhoon season is yet to end. Typhoon Hagupit has caused terrible damage and loss of life in Vietnam. There is also another tropical storm developing near The Philippines which may affect Taiwan in coming days.

*more photos in the Typhoon Jangmi set at flickr.

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  1. Nice shots of the river. I was on the HSR from Taipei to Taichung on Sunday morning and unless you looked out the window, you wouldn’t have known there was a typhoon coming. The ride was just as smooth as always.

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