Links 1 September 2008

In the news: Excellent feature in the Taipei Times on the policing of sex. Dan Bloom writes about the Brzozowski family who have a TV program teaching English using Hoklo Taiwanese. Jinshan on Taiwan’s north coast selected as a storage site for nuclear waste (it already has two nuclear power plants). Taipei MRT line construction delayed for one year (so they should open on time one year late?).

Events: Check out the Mammoth Exhibition at Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall. It features the remains of two mammoths frozen in the last Ice Age. It runs until 4 November 2008.

Also check the shared items from Google Reader and the Taiwan blog directory at Taiwanderful for more from the Taiwan blogosphere.

2 thoughts on “Links 1 September 2008

  1. I’m skeptical about that article on the MRT- first of all, only Yahoo and the site they quote carry it. Secondly, why delay the Neihu line when all they have left to do is testing and integrating with the Muzha line? Not like it’s not already built. Thirdly, it sounds a bit like old news- all the lines were already delayed a year, maybe they’re just picking up on that.

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