LGBT Pride Parade in Taipei

LGBT Pride Parade in Taipei, 27 September 2008

The 2008 Taiwan LGBT Pride Parade was held in Taipei yesterday afternoon. Many people from Taiwan’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community along with friends and supporters turned out for the parade. The Liberty Times (自由時報) reported that 18,000 people participated, an increase on last year’s event. Even the rainy weather associated with the approaching Typhoon Jangmi couldn’t keep the crowds away.

Rainbow flag on Zhongxiao East road as part of the 2008 Taiwan Gay Pride Parade

The parade started from Taipei City Hall and marched along Ren’ai and Anhe Roads and then back along Zhongxiao East Road. On Zhongxiao East Road a 90 metre long and 4.5 metre wide rainbow banner was unfurled.

LGBT Pride Parade in Taipei - masks

Some people participating in this event cover their faces because they fear the reaction of their family, friends or employer. Although the parade is a celebration there is also an element of protest. People used the occassion to raise awareness of issues such as gay marriage and police harassment of homosexuals.

BDSM at Taiwan LGBT Pride Parade

It’s not LGBT, but BDSM, one of the diverse range of groups participating in the parade.

Boys march in the Gay Pride Parade in Taipei

Even though the sun wasn’t shining these men still managed to strip down to their swim suits and enjoy the parade.

*More photos in the LGBT Pride Parade set at flickr.

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  1. Wow, I’m surprised I missed that in the newspaper. I wouldn’t think a parade like that would ever happen in Taiwan. They seem to be so sexually conservative, at least socially.

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