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An article about me titled 老外愛台灣 (“Laowai” loves Taiwan) was published on the China Times blog (中時部落格) today. It is written in Chinese so if you can read Chinese check it out. For those who can’t read Chinese I’ll translate the first paragraph of the article below.


Working, travelling and studying in Taiwan for four or five years, David is fascinated by the rich cultural diversity of Taiwan as well as being interested in Taiwan’s temples. As a result of his love for Taiwan David shares all the sights and sounds of Taiwan on his blog and also helps manage the well known English community website Taiwanderful. He hopes he can let people in every corner of the world know more about Taiwan or at least make sure they know where Taiwan is. [English translation by David]

Taiwan blog awards - vote now The article mentions Taiwanderful, although I think Fili deserves more credit for that website than I do. It serves as a useful reminder that the voting in the Taiwan blog awards opens tomorrow. You can find all the details about how to vote at Taiwanderful. Visit the blog directory and vote for the blogs you like. The blog awards can also promote link love between Taiwan blogs. If you have a blog link to other blogs you like and ask your readers to vote for them. This helps to bring more attention to Taiwan blogs which is the aim of the awards.

The China Times is also running its 4th annual blog awards (2008第四屆全球華文部落格大獎) for the vast Chinese-language blogosphere. 1,005 blogs in 11 categories were selected for the second round from a total of 10,247 entrants. A further selection will be made before the final round of voting.

7 thoughts on “Article on China Times blog

  1. Hi David,

    I read the article. I also visited and participated in “Taiwanderful” webite. I really admire what you and Fili are doing about Taiwan.

    Taiwanderful (and Taiwan blogroll) is a cool idea. As a Taiwanese, I’m so touched and happy when there are people who come from all over the world love Taiwan and are willing to spend time and energy introduce it to the rest of the world!

    I’d like to applaud you and Fili. Thank you guys for that! Great job and please keep on going!

  2. 你好!剛剛意外逛到中時部落格,看到你的blog~ 我覺得你和你朋友Fili正在做的事情,真的很棒。”Taiwanderful” 和你的blog把台灣介紹的很詳細並且”有系統”,讓我想把這些網站介紹給我的台灣朋友和外國朋友。剛好今年暑假,想介紹台灣旅遊資訊給一個外國朋友,在網路上搜尋半天,都不太滿意。現在,你的部落格就是我很棒的選擇!


  3. Cyberreading and 雲,台北人: many thanks for your comments. It’s great to
    know that my blog is useful and appreciated.

    雲,台北人: 你不用說抱歉。我也金歹勢我不太會寫中文。我很想做語的blog,但

  4. DAVID:


  5. Congratulations David. This has been an exciting year for you and I’m glad you are getting the recognition you deserve. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the blogger meet-up on the 25th.

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