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Museums at NTU

Elephant and cassowary skeletons in the NTU Zoology Museum

The NTU Museums were inaugurated in November 2007 as part of a project to preserve and promote the university’s collections. The various small museums contain some wonderful exhibitions. It’s best to start your tour at the Agricultural Exhibition Hall (農業陳列館) where you can pick up a guide to all the museums. The Hall is located near the Xinsheng South Road gate of NTU. I haven’t visited all the museums yet, but I’ll write about the ones I have.

The Zoology Museum (動物博物館) features the skeletons of four animals. The Asian Elephant and Cassowary are pictured above. There are also Minke Whale and Short-finned Pilot Whale skeletons. There are also nine stuffed birds on display including a Crested Serpent Eagle, Collared Scoops Owl and Brown Wood Owl.

Cockcroft-Walton Linear Accelerator at NTU

The NTU Heritage Hall of Physics (物理文物館) has a Cockcroft-Walton Linear Accelerator as its centrepiece. This museum also has on display many old experimental apparatus and a working Geiger counter that you can test with a collection of rocks.

NTU Geo-specimens Cottage

The Geo-specimen Cottage (地質標本館) is the place for anyone with an interest in geology. A variety of rock specimens are on display together with information about Taiwan’s geology (all in Chinese).

The Department of Anthropology Museum (人類學系標本陳列室) contains a wonderful collection of artifacts from the Austronesian speaking peoples of Taiwan and Pongso no Tao (蘭嶼; Orchid Island). There are also a few items from Melanesia and Polynesia. An excellent guide to this collection can be found in the book The Material Culture of Formosan Aborigines by Chen Chi-lu (陳奇祿). The museum is on the ground floor of the Anthropology Department building. You may have to ask one of the staff to open it for you.

Other museums at NTU include the Herbarium and Gallery of NTU History. The Insectarium (昆蟲標本室) is set to open in November this year and is something to get excited about. It contains over 330,000 specimens.

More information is available on the NTU Museums website or pickup one of the guide books from NTU. The opening hours of each museum vary so it is best to check the website in advance.

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Comment from Ed
Time 20 August 2008 at 12:54 am

wow, great blog. I was born and raised in Taiwan… but I grew up half of my life in Canada and the US. Thanks to you and your blog I’m preparing myself for a first time Taiwan trip in 14 years.