Putting Taiwan blogs on the map

Taiwan Google map for Taiwanderful blog directoryFili has created a Taiwan blog directory at Taiwanderful. A special feature of the directory is that it places blogs on a Google map making it easy to find blogs from different places around Taiwan. I often feel media reporting and information about Taiwan is very Taipei-centric. I hope this directory can make it easier to find information about places outside Taipei and highlight some of the great blogs from all around the island.

Adding your blog to the directory is fairly simple. You can register at Taiwanderful or sign in using your Facebook or OpenID account. It should only take a few minutes. As well as the Google map, blogs can be browsed via the blog group aggregator, RSS feed, and the latest items by blogs

Your feedback and suggestions are welcome. It is possible to add more features to make the directory even more useful. 

One thought on “Putting Taiwan blogs on the map

  1. Thanks for the link. You’re definitely right about the Taipei-centric nature of the media and reporting in Taiwan, although that’s the case in many other countries as well (London-centric, New York-centric etc.). That tendency extends to some bloggers as well, who often assume that what is true in Taipei must also be the case in the rest of Taiwan as well. The reality, in fact, can be quite the opposite.

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