Letter in Johnny Neihu’s mailbag

A letter I wrote to Johnny Neihu was published in the Taipei Times today. The letter was written in response to an article about tourism in Taiwan quoting KMT Central Standing Committee member Sean Lien (連勝文). Lien said that the facilities at Taipei’s Songshan Airport were even worse than those at North Korea’s Pyongyang Airport. Of course it just begs the question why is Sean Lien so familiar with the facilities at Pyongyang Airport.

Johnny responds with his own theory:

People of ill repute with whom I am familiar suggest that the Great Blue Hope for the post-Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) years is the love child of Dear Leader Kim Jung-il.

This may sound ridiculous. Young Lien looks nothing like Kim — until you consider that he looks even less like Lien Chan.

If you have any other theories on the North Korea – KMT connection please leave a comment.

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