How does NCCU rank?

Fili has written a post exploring the rankings of NCKU (國立成功大學). I want to take a similar look at the rankings for National Chengchi University (國立政治大學). NCCU doesn’t make it on some of the lists that Fili has referenced. National Taiwan University (國立臺灣大學) is the only Taiwanese university on the 2007 Times Higher Education list of the Top 200 World Universities ranked at 102. There are four Taiwanese universities in the top 400 (NTU, NCKU, NCU, NTHU).

NCCU is also not in the 2007 Shanghai Jiao Tong University list of top 100 Asia Pacific Universities. This list includes six Taiwanese universities (NTU, NCKU, NTHU, NCTU, NCU, NYMU).

A few years ago there was a controversy when NCCU slipped to 48 on the Taiwan Ministry of Education rankings. The reason for this was that the rankings, based on the number of articles in three important databases, favored schools which focused on science and engineering. NCCU is focused on social sciences and business.

On the Webometrics Ranking NCCU ranks 7 in Taiwan, 38 in Asia and 552 in the world. On the Asiaweek 2000 Asia’s best universities NCCU ranks 44 in Asia and 8 in Taiwan. ranks NCCU’s MBA program 21 in Asia. In Asiaweek’s 2000 rankings of the best full time Asian MBAs NCCU ranked 15. In Social Sciences NCCU is ranked 197 in the world on the Times rankings (source: poster at NCCU).

A number of Taiwanese universities such as NTU, NCKU and NTHU consistently appear in various rankings and can be considered Taiwan’s leading universities. NCCU is often mentioned alongside these universities, but it may fail to achieve similar rankings because of its weakness in the sciences.

Fili has also cited a research project by the Australian government on a Taiwan government plan for Taiwanese universities to break into the top 100 of the world. You can download a copy of the report. Twelve universities have been targetted by this program and NCCU is amongst them. Another interesting thing I found researching this post is that I found my alma mater, The University of Melbourne, consistently ranks very highly.

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  1. This is interesting… Although my following comments may sound like a personal gripe, I believe, my story has total relevance to the NCCU poor rank on various surveys. I was a student at NCCU between Sep 07 and Jan 08. The application process was hideous and the moral of foreign students was very low. It was common knowledge that despite NCCU’s boasting about being an international University, their attitude to foreign students was kind-of ‘complete LACK-OF support.’ People had come half way round the world to study at NCCU, gone through grueling visa applications, health checks, getting used to new cultures, new food, new everything. Yet the Professors had no idea about how to be ‘nice’ – They have this very old manner, something like ‘you are a student so suffer’ (all this after they took my money…) This is NOT the case over at NTU, which has a great reputation with foreign students. As an example, I became very sick with the flu epidemics of Nov/Dec 2007, and missed between 3-5 sessions in three of my subjects.. There was absolutely NO MERCY on the part of the Professors or the Program Director. Any help was ALL lip-service… Despite showing medical certificates and other evidence, they made my life hell. Even though policy was on my side and I should have got an extension and other benefits, the Professors TOTALLY FROZE ME, not bothering to answer my emails or enter into any other correspondence. Further, when I took it up with the University President (visiting him in person and hading him all documentation), he also NEVER did a thing about it. SHAME ON HIM. … A person from the MOE also said to me (via telephone) that NCCU has a bad reputation in ‘dealing with foreign students.’ I would not recommend NCCU to any foreign student in any fashion whatsoever (and am happy to go on record on this). Glen Clifford …

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