David in Traveler Luxe magazine

David in the June 2008 issue of Mook Traveler Luxe magazine

I am in the June 2008 issue of Mook Traveler Luxe (墨客旅人誌) as part of an article titled "I just love playing in Taiwan" (I就是♥玩台灣). As well as myself the article features Janet, Carol and 李鼎+徐君豪. 

Janet Hsieh and David in the June 2008 issue of Mook Traveler Luxe magazine

What a wonderful surprise to appear on the same page as the amazing and multi-talented Janet Hsieh, presenter of Fun Taiwan (瘋台灣) on the Travel and Living Channel. This page has stories about the most surprising experience you have had in Taiwan. Janet's story is about being taught to surf by an 80 year old man in Yilan. My story is about meeting the artist Shy Gong (施工) at Taipei MOCA and drinking betel nut tea! 

In another part of the article the interviewees choose their favorite places in Taiwan. I nominated the northeast coast area. Janet chose the Taidong coastline, Carol selected Taidong's Rift Valley and  李鼎+徐君豪 voted for Botel Tobago, aka Orchid Island (蘭嶼).

Mook Traveler Luxe is available at bookshops and convenience stores all over Taiwan.  

8 thoughts on “David in Traveler Luxe magazine

  1. Congratulations David. This must be your month to shine! Featured photography and a magazine spread. Way to go! It’s nice to see you getting the recognition you deserve!

  2. how exciting! congrads David!
    and i love watching Fun Taiwan. Janet is so cool 🙂

  3. Todd, FiLi, Carrie and Nikki, thanks for your comments. I am sure you would all make great subjects for a magazine article too!

  4. I think you should host your own show on Taiwan base on your travels and blog writings. I think it would appeal to both tourists and Taiwanese.

  5. David: How’re you!

    I know you because of Miss Margaret Ho.
    one of your quos she said ‘Taiwanese think Taiwan is not good, but not me …”
    That’s how I feel after almost 30 years in USA, I retired few years ago as IT Engineer.

    Hopefully there’ll be some chance to meet you personally soon.


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